Hello my name is Hiccup Haddock, I live in Berk with my father Stoick. My city is large but it seems as if we are in the middle or no where. I am into Mythology ...which mostly means dragons.//Modern AU blog so Hiccup might be played a bit different.

Open RP ::When all hope is lost::

He didn’t remember when he started feeling like this, all he remember was that he was tried more, he didn’t want to go to school, he didn’t want to leave his house anymore. Which was  a big thing because he loved to leave his house and try to get as far as he could in the city, to see how far he could go with out really leaving. He loved going to school it was time away from the house, where he could be happy learn new things he didn’t know before.

But lately he didn’t want any of that, he stayed home and thought. He spent most of his time alone in the study or his room, only coming out when he needed food. Which wasn’t much any more even though this kid loved to eat. He was on his laptop more, he would spend hours on it because he felt happy on it. It mostly started last month when he got a taste of someone else feelings and saw that he was living in a lie. When he saw that life wasn’t as great as he thought.

Hiccup hadn’t been to school in a week/he was still doing his homework/ he tried not to go even though there were only seven more weeks left. He did everything he could to miss school. Like today he skipped he had gone on the bus but when it made it to the school he started to walk away before anyone would notice him. Now he was like five miles away from the school and five miles away from home, all he needed now was for no one to notice him and he could go home. Go home and lay down with the only thing that loved him and that was Toothless.

'I can just go home and hide in my room and no one would notice.' He mumbled to himself.